Trump mocks Biden for wearing mask, rejects health questions at Pennsylvania rally

President Donald Trump has dismissed questions about his health and ridiculed his Democratic opponent for wearing a mask at a freewheeling rally in Pennsylvania on Thursday, leading to a runoff election.

Trump mocks Biden for wearing mask, rejects health questions at Pennsylvania rally

For the second day, Trump dismissed questions about an unexpected visit to Walter Reed Medical Center in November, calling a report about the visit a conspiracy by critics. Meanwhile, Trump has raised baseless questions about Biden's health, and criticized him for wearing a mask.

"They want me to try to be on Biden's physical level," Trump told a crowded rally in an airport hangar outside Pittsburgh. "I don't like rumors like that. It's not true."

Trump was responding to a new book that emphasized that Vice President Mike Pence had been put’ on "standby" to take over the presidency during Trump's surprise visit to Walter Reed Medical Center in November.

The White House says Trump went to Walter Reid as part of his annual body part.

Although the book, written by New York Times reporter Michael Schmidt, does not address the issue of health, Trump has pointed to questions raised by his critics on social media about whether he was involved in a series of "Monstrokes." Have endured There is no evidence to support the idea that Trump suffered any kind of stroke.

Trump has become increasingly focused’ on the story in recent days, and has used it as part of an attempt to persuade critics to resign.

"Then yesterday I read that I had a stroke - they called me," Trump said. "I don't know what Monster rock is, but it's not good."

Trump spent little time discussing the epidemic or its economic consequences. After telling his audience that he would wear a mask if he celebrated Labor Day weekend with others, he tore Biden off when he was often seen’ in public with the mask.

"Have you ever seen someone like a mask?" Trump asked a crowd that, based on photos posted on social media, large numbers of masks appeared free. "It gives her a sense of security."

The Biden campaign mocked Trump for talking about his health.

Biden's spokesman Andrew Bates said in a tweet directed to his Trump campaign counterpart, "Why is he talking about money strokes?"

Jonathan Rainer, a professor of medicine and surgery at George Washington University, said Trump's persistent refusal to wear a mask has nothing to do with health and "falsehood."

"The way he looked and he didn't think it made him weak," Rainer said. "That's what happened when the president's drugs hit the needs of the country. Narcissism won."

Trump crashed in Lit rob, about 50 miles east of Pittsburgh, just before 7 p.m. ET and Arnold Palmer spoke at the regional airport - amid coronavirus epidemics, continuing the current style of campaigning in partial outdoor airport hangars.

"We're doing hangers-on now because it's not possible because of the plains, the epidemics," Trump admitted. Trump said he preferred airport rallies because he could just get off the plane, give a speech "and get the hell out of here."

The rally is Trump's second major campaign event since the Republican National Convention last week.

The rally was another example of the president's campaign, which drew large crowds at a time when Trump was seeking to bring the country back to normal. Trump held a mass rally in New Hampshire last week and, a few days earlier, gathered a large group at an outdoor venue in South Lawn to hear his acceptance speech at the party's convention.

Both campaigns predict that Biden will tighten his grip on the race after taking a two-digit lead for most of the summer, and there are signs that are beginning to take shape. Biden led Trump 50-43 in the USA / Suffolk University poll published this week. The 12-point gain in June dampened that gain.

In Pennsylvania, Biden has a 4-point lead over Trump among registered voters and a 1- to 3-point lead among potential voters, according to a Monmouth University poll this week. Pool director Patrick Murray called the race an "inch game."

Trump has largely reactivated his stump speech to focus more on criticizing Biden and defending the administration's response to his pandemic and the resulting economic downturn. He began attacking Biden Blood on Thursday.

"Joe Biden wants to hand over his jobs to China," he said, without providing evidence to support the baseless claim.

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