Trump was caught by Biden during a V-J Day fighter jet tour

With a hurricane threat, President Donald Trump stepped up his V-J Day speech on Wednesday, reconciling US power and managing to sink into the thread of Democratic rival Joe Biden.

Trump was caught by Biden during a V-J Day fighter jet tour

In North Carolina, the port city of North Carolina, which Trump called World War II a "heritage city," Trump stood up to the battle of World War II. He pointed to the electric shock and said that God saluted the incident.

He honored veterans of the war, including 97-year-old Hershel "Woody" Williams, the only surviving ship to receive the Marine of Honor. Citizens of West Virginia fought the Battle of Eve in the Pacific Ocean.

"They're 100 percent faster." Trump spoke of Williams, who traveled with the president in Air Force One to the main battlefield state.

"I know a 78-year-old man who is not that fast," Trump said, referring to Biden.

White House Press Secretary Kelly McKinney insisted earlier this week that Trump's visit to North Carolina had no "political purpose." But when President Wilmington arrived, Trump had no time to criticize Biden.

"This is the most important election in the history of our country. “I really do believe it, because we're running against people who have some big issues," he told supporters at the airport. "They've had some other big problems. They're rock crazy."

Trump won 3.6 percentage points in North Carolina in 2016, but the poll is the closest race to a state that garners 15 votes for its winner.

The president's visit to North Carolina came as county boards began sending absentee ballots to voters Friday. Vice President Mike Pence will follow the president by visiting the rally on Thursday.

The State Election Board said on Wednesday that during September 1, more than 59, 59,000,000 ballot applications were received’ while in 2016 in the same period approximately. There were 36,500 applications.

Democrats have applied for more than half of the absentee ballots, or about 31,313,000. Republicans have applied for more than 93,000 of the approximately 183,000 ballot applications and registered unaffiliated voters.

Ahead of the trip, Biden issued a statement saying Trump had not provided North Carolina with the roadmap and resources needed to protect businesses, schools and families from the coronavirus.

"Instead of honoring the sacrifices of our frontline heroes, President Trump has repeatedly ignored public health guidance for political purposes," Biden said.

Wilmington has been home to the Battleship North Carolina since 1962. The ship is now a floating museum. On September 2, 1945, Japan formally surrendered to the President of the United States. Anchored in Missouri, Tokyo Bay

Congress passed a bill earlier this year that included a clause requiring the Secretary of the Interior to designate a city in the United States annually as a "World War II World Heritage City." Was Wilmington is the first city to hold this position.


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