White House: Trump ends anti-racism training in federal government

US President Donald Trump has ordered government agencies to end employee training sessions in the fight against racism because they are "non-US propaganda," the White House said Friday.

White House: Trump ends anti-racism training in federal government

The order comes as Trump appeals to his white, blue-collar base in the United States, especially through the police, but also in other areas, among a divided national party. Based on the controversy that has arisen, they are fighting hard for re-election.

The White House said in a statement that "according to press reports, all executive branch employees are required to participate in training where they are told that 'really all white people are involved in racism' or where they are." Are. “It has to be said that they 'benefit' from racism

It added: "According to press reports, in some cases these trainings have further claimed that racism is rooted in the belief that the United States is a land of opportunity or in the belief that the most deserving person is employed. Should be, found. "

The White House Office of Management and Budget has said it is "ordered to make sure" that federal agencies use taxpayers to finance this distribution, including non-U.S. propaganda training sessions. Avoid stopping and stopping. "

Protests erupted in major US cities in May following the assassination of George Floyd, an African-American, by a white police officer in Minneapolis.

Trump - who is pushing hard to run in the November election - has driven such protesters into violent chaos.

This week, US President Kenosha traveled to Wisconsin, where Jacob Blake, an African-American, was repeatedly shot in the back by a white police officer and paralyzed below the waist’.

During the visit, Trump did not meet or talk to the man's family, but instead met with law enforcement officials to discuss the damage caused by the shooting. Seen


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