With the end of the controversial Czech tour, relations between Prague and Taipei deepened.

The mayors of Prague and Taipei on Friday announced new areas of cooperation in the two sister cities, including the Orchestra Tour, when a Czech delegation visited Taiwan for a week-long visit that drew strong criticism from China. 

With the end of the controversial Czech tour, relations between Prague and Taipei deepened.

Wen-je told the mayor that Taipei also gave 100,800 facemasks and that they would share their experiences in controlling the coronavirus.

According to Taiwan's Foreign Minister Joseph Wu, the leader of the Czech Senate, Milos Vystrcil, is the head of the 80-member delegation, which has visited the democratically ruled island since Czech leader.

Since the delegation's arrival on Sunday, it has met with its Taiwanese counterparts to promote cooperation in various fields, including trade, cyber security and the coronavirus epidemic. Vystrcil also met with Taiwan's President Tsai Ing-wen.

Wu said Taiwan is considering launching direct flights between Taipei and Prague using its flagship airline, China Airlines.

Vystrcil has faced strong anger from China, which issued several warnings over the week about the visit, as well as criticizing the pro-China Czech president.

China considers Taiwan part of its territory and objects to any official contact between other countries and the island.

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi warned Monday that China would "definitely pay a heavy price" for the visit, which Beijing sees as support for Taiwan's independence.

During the visit, Vystrcil and others emphasized the shared democratic values ​​of Taiwan and the Czech Republic.

Over the past year, relations between the Czech government and part of China have improved.

Prague canceled a sister cities agreement with Beijing last year after the Chinese side insisted on including a clause in the agreement, saying that Prague supports the "one-China principle", according to which Taiwan-China Is part of

In response to Prague's decision to sign a new sister, city agreement with Taipei, China has canceled tours of several Prague classical troupes and orchestras.

Part of the controversy is more than trade.

"Around 2013, around 2014, there were a lot of investment promises from China. However, not all of these promises were fulfilled," Prague Mayor Zdenek Hrib, said on Friday.


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