As the clashes escalated, volunteers from the Nagorno vs. Karabakh found weapons

As fighting breaks out between Armenian and Azerbaijani forces in the separatist region of Nagorno-Karabakh, its residents are joining volunteer forces to defend their cities.


As the clashes escalated, volunteers from the Nagorno vs. Karabakh found weapons

Swenson’s family and neighbors were called’ in Wednesday to receive their Kalashnikov rifles to help secure the town of Martini, near the front line in the eastern part of the region.


"I was called to the recruitment office to give me a gun so I could defend my land." I am always ready to fight for the well-being of my children, "said Valerie Swenson, a 64-year-old Martini resident.


His 41-year-old relative, Edik, who owns a shop, admitted he had never loaded a gun before.


"I'm doing this nonsense for the first time in my life," he said, inserting a cartridge into the magazine.


Upon hearing, this Karen Musaelyan quickly replied: “This is nonsense! This is our bread! "


 The recent fighting in Karabakh began on September 27 and has killed hundreds since then. He noted the region's greatest tensions in the region's decades-long conflict, which is located inside Azerbaijan but is controlled’ by the Armenian-backed Armenian army.


Despite Russia's call for a ceasefire, the insurgency continues, with heavy artillery, rockets and drones.


Russia, which has a security agreement with Armenia but also maintains warm relations with Azerbaijan, held more than 10 hours of talks hosted by top diplomats from Armenia and the republic, including a ceasefire on Saturday. Expired but the contract ended immediately. Defeated, both sides accused each other of violating it.


On Thursday, Azerbaijan once again accused the Armenian army of shelling several areas, claiming that the cemetery had been attacked’ and killing three people. This claim was immediately supported’ by Turkey, which has publicly sided with Azerbaijan in the conflict.


"Armenia is ignoring the inhumane ceasefire announced on October 10 for the exchange of prisoners and victims," ​​the Turkish Foreign Ministry said in a statement. Don't let the box get buried’ "


Armenian officials have retaliated, saying Azerbaijan has violated the agreement, accusing its forces of killing two people in an attack on its territory on Wednesday. Nagorno-Karabakh officials have also reported a new strike in the region's capital, Stephen Cart, which came under heavy shelling last week.


In Martini, houses and buildings were badly damaged’ by shelling.


The family of 91-year-old Benik Osepyan combed the rubble of their home and picked up leftovers from the strike.


Martuni residents received Kalashnikovs a day after the announcement of rules and regulations on "participation of militia forces" in the fight against Nagorno-Karabakh leader Arayik Harutyunyan,


On Thursday, they also introduced travel restrictions to qualify for the draft, allowing them to leave the region only under special circumstances and with the permission of the authorities.

Valery Ovanisyan said her grandchildren had moved to Armenia, but they were left’ behind.


"They are 3 years old and 5 years old. They should not be here. I am here to protect them.


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