China passed an export control law after the US move

According to state media, China has passed a law banning the export of controlled goods, which allows the government to take action against countries that misuse export controls. Harmed China's interests.


China passed an export control law after the US move

The Xinhua news agency did not name any target countries late Saturday, but the United States angered Beijing by imposing an export ban on China's largest chipmaker, Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corporation <0981.HK>. And it has taken various steps against Huawei Technologies. Partners and other companies.


China, the United States have clashed over trade, human rights, technology, and the new coronavirus, the first of which was discovered in China.


China's new law, passed by the country's top legislature, the National People's Congress Standing Committee, on Saturday, will take effect on December 1, Xinhua said.


Controlled items include goods, technology, and services other than military and nuclear products, and related data, according to a statement on the National People's Congress website.


He said the law was "designed to protect national security and interests."


In August, China's Ministry of Commerce released a revised list of technologies that are banned or exported’.


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