Chris Hemsworth: 'I would be unemployed without my fans.'

Chris Hemsworth credits his fans with his career and insists he would be "unemployed" without them.

Chris Hemsworth: "I would be unemployed without my fans."

The star thanked the fans for their support after being nominated for two E's! People's Choice Award for Tyler Rack's role in the launch of Netflix. This movie is the most-watched original movie ever.

In a video shared on Instagram, the 37-year-old not only thanked his fans but also encouraged them to vote, sharing: "Self and self-withdrawal received numerous nominations.

"So thank you so much for supporting this film ... I have to say that the People's Choice Awards are the most special to me, because they are the vote of the fans, the vote of the people, this is your voice."

He added: "We would all be unemployed without you - so thank you, thank you, thank you!"

O! The People's Choice Awards will be broadcast’ live from Santa Monica on November 15, with Jennifer Lopez filming the 2020 Awards ceremony, and singers Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga leading the nominations for the awards after receiving seven awards. Are


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