Crowds shout 'lock him up' about Whitmer at Trump rally in Michigan

President Trump's Saturday evening meeting in Muscat, Mt. In, the president chanted, "Stop it" after the government called on Gretchen Whitmer (D) to reopen the state amid coronavirus epidemics.


Crowds shout 'lock him up' about Whitmer at Trump rally in Michigan

The FBI has announced that it has foiled a plot to assassinate the governor, following a week-long mob raid.


"You need your governor to open your state, right?" Trump told the crowd, then they burst into joy. "And open your schools. Open your schools. Schools have to stay open, right?"


Then some in the audience started shouting, "Stop it!"


"Lock them all up," Trump replied, followed by a mob. Continued


Trump later told the crowd in the auditorium, "Beware of him and his attorney general because you know they are like in charge of ballot stuff. How I handled my political life and the political life of my country." I put in. Such a pure prejudice.


"These are statements that have endangered the lives of me, my family and other government officials as we try to save the lives of our fellow Americans," Whitmer was quick to respond to the rally's comments on Twitter. Do. "


"It needs to stop," he added.


Whitmer's comments echo similar statements he made earlier about a failed plot against him.


After announcing the arrest of several FBI agents in connection with the alleged conspiracy, Whitmer said Trump was "involved" in thwarting extremist attacks.


He added that the refusal to explicitly condemn extremist groups during the first presidential debate was a "cry" for militia groups that allegedly planned to kidnap him.


Trump responded to the reprimand on Twitter, claiming that Whitmer had done a "terrible job" in responding to the coronavirus epidemic and "shutting down his condition for all."


Whitmer has imposed some very strict restrictions on business and other activities in the state amid the Coronavirus epidemic.


Michigan's Supreme Court ruled Monday that governors couldn’t delay the implementation of a previous court ruling that does not authorize them to maintain a state of emergency during a coronavirus epidemic.


Trump's the rally came on Thursday after Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel called for a Wisconsin to support a plan to kidnap an eighth person facing federal or state charges in connection with the plot. Was charged.


Nessel said in an interview with CBS This Morning last week that the governor and his the family had been forced’ to "rotate" to maintain Whitmer's safety, while federal and state officials during their months-long investigation, they tracked down, militia groups.


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