Donald Trump says Biden, a corrupt politician, says he should immediately release all Burmese documents.

President Donald Trump said Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden should be barred’ from running in the presidential election during an election rally at Iowa's Des Moines International Airport on Wednesday night.


Donald Trump says Biden, a corrupt politician, says he should "immediately" release all Burmese documents.

Trump quoted a story published by the New York Post on Wednesday, which claimed that Biden's son, Hunter, was hired’ by Ukraine's energy company to gain access to Joe Biden for political reasons. Burma Holdings made the payment. Biden has repeatedly denied the allegations.


"Just weeks ago, he stood up to the American people in the presidential debate and told you that these claims were completely discredited and that his son did nothing wrong," Trump said. "But now this is a complete lie. We can now clearly see that Biden is a corrupt politicians who should not even be allowed to run for president."


"Vice President Biden," Trump added, "you apologize to the American people because it shows that you are a corrupt politician. Meetings, phone calls, transcripts and records must be released’ immediately. In the family business, Trump has asked Biden for documents specifically about Russia and China.


Newsweek reached out to Biden's campaign for comment.


Some commentators have criticized the New York Post's story for making baseless allegations. Twitter tried to limit the spread of the story by labeling the tweets as "potentially effective". It was locked’ after White House Press Secretary Kellogg McKinney tried to share the article on his Twitter account. Facebook also restricted the distribution of the story while the platform independently checks its veracity.


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