I just feel so powerful. Trump targets Florida campaign for first rally after COVID-19 assessment

Faced with a troubling new political environment, President Donald Trump returned to the campaign trail on Monday when he declared himself healthy and donned a podium mask at a rally in Florida just a week and a half after testing positive for COVID-19. 


"I just feel so powerful." Trump targets Florida campaign for first rally after COVID-19 assessment

"I don't have to be locked in my basement and I won't let it happen anyway," Trump told supporters at Orlando Sanford International Airport, his first major campaign rally since falling ill with the coronavirus. ۔


Trump has hit the stage with new political challenges: the Democratic challenger in a series of polls that is overtaking Biden nationally and on key battlefield states such as Florida.


Claiming to be recovering from COVID himself, Trump also insisted he was "exempt" from the virus, although some medical professionals have said there is no guarantee.


"Now they say I'm immune. I just feel so powerful," Trump said. "I will kiss everyone in this audience. I will kiss boys and beautiful women. I will just give you a big, fat kiss."


Talking to stock market and Supreme Court nominee Amy Connie Barrett, the team also returned to informational topics, which were attacking Biden and the "Washington Establishment," and to report to the media about their illness. Keep saving He promised to get a new vaccine for Covid 19 soon, although doctors said there were still months to go.


On the latest developments, Trump said the new election, which Biden was shown’ to be extending his lead, was "fake", and he attacked the mail-in voting as potentially "fraudulent."


After speaking for just 18 minutes on a White House program on Saturday, Trump's return rally lasted a little over an hour, close to normal length.


The trip to Florida, which will be followed’ by rallies in Pennsylvania, Iowa and North Carolina this week, also came amid repeated questions about the president's health.


In a statement issued just hours before the Florida meeting, presidential physician Sean Conley said Trump had a "continuous day" negative test for COVID-19 - he did not say which one or how many - and “The president is not contagious.”


White House Press Secretary Kelly McKinney and several of his fellow West Wing staff members announced last week that they too had tested positive for the virus.


"Donald Trump is back on public health," said Josh Schwartz of Priorities USA Action, a political action committee that supports Democratic candidates.


"This trip is a reminder to voters that Trump doesn't care about his health; he doesn't care about controlling the virus so we can fix the economy." "He only cares about feeding his ego in front of strong supporters like him."


 Jonathan Rainer, a professor of medicine and surgery at George Washington University, called Florida "crazy for a variety of reasons."


For one thing, he said, the rate of positive COVID cases in Florida is very high, "so it is certain that there will be victims in this crowd and this could be another super-stripper event."


Rainer also said it was not clear if Trump was "really negative" because his doctor did not specifically say that the more reliable "PCR test" turned out that way.


Questions also remain as he tweeted how he announced his agreement with CoVID-19 that he had tested positive shortly before 1 a.m. ET on October 2.


Since then, Trump and his aides have denied that the last time he had a negative test, he ruled out the possibility that he was already infected’ when he argued with Biden on September 29. Key, the next night, hosted a rally in Duluth, Minn., and financially. Donors at their New Jersey golf club the next day.


Trump spent the weekend of October 2-5 at the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, returning to a national television show late Monday in which he unveiled as he climbed the North Portico. Trump has attributed his recovery to treatments that include Regeneron’s Pharmaceuticals, an experimental antibody drug, and dexamethasone, a steroid.


During a week of condolences at the White House, Trump visited the Oval Office, tapped video messages through which he tweeted, and interviewed pro-talk show hosts.


The period of isolation ended with a rally at the White House on Saturday, in which Trump addressed an invitation to supporters from the balcony to the South Lawn.


Trump aides say he is well-equipped to hold week-long rallies on Tuesday, including John Stone, PA. Des Moines on Wednesday, and Thursday at Greenville, NC.


"They're strong," said campaign manager Bill Stephen. , Who himself returned to the office this week after testing positive for the virus. "He is strong. He is running to go."


Democrats questioned whether Trump should take to the streets so soon after he fell ill.


Biden said Trump's visit to North Florida was nothing more than "reckless behavior, separatism, and fear of intimidation," as well as "no plans" to deal with the epidemic and economic damage.


"His reckless personal behavior since his diagnosis has been incomprehensible," Biden told supporters in Cincinnati shortly before Trump's rally in Sanford.


Trump also returned to campaign more actively.


After the debate - in which Trump criticized Biden's continued interference and refusal to reject white supremacy - Democrats increased their lead in the election.


In the recent national election, the average of real clear politics gives Biden a lead of just over 10 percentage points. According to the website's average state election, Biden also leads in key states such as Florida (3.7% at the time of the rally), Pennsylvania (7.3%), Michigan (7.0%), and Wisconsin (6.3%).


The race is also fierce in the Republican states of Georgia and Texas.


Appearing in Florida, Trump said he had no choice but to go out and campaign across the country.


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