North Korea claims that yellow dust from China could carry the coronavirus

The streets of the North Korean capital, Pyongyang, remained empty on Thursday when a state broadcaster issued a warning of the danger of "yellow dust" floating from China.


North Korea claims that yellow dust from China could carry the coronavirus

According to BBC News, Korean Central Television (KCTV) told its viewers that the dust, which experts say is a seasonal phenomenon, "could carry the covid-19 virus with it because it travels through the air." Is." Is a disease. "


The Kim Jong-UN administration's Rodong Simon newspaper issued a similar pamphlet, saying, "All workers should be clearly aware of the risk of any kind of virus attack."


Foreign missions have also been told’ to keep their staff indoors and not to open windows. The Russian embassy in Pyongyang wrote on Facebook that it was operating because of a "possible dust storm."


North Korea has not yet formally reported a case under Rule 19, and high-level meetings and appearances with Mr. Kim are ongoing, although some photos show other state officials wearing masks around them. ۔


There is no scientific evidence to support the theory that "yellow dust", also called Asian dust, can be linked’ to the corona virus in any way. The WHO says the coronavirus can be spread’ among humans and through respiratory droplets. The US Centers for Disease Control (CDC) recently said in its new guidelines that the disease is caused’ airborne diseases and that can spread the virus by small particles suspended in the air, but not outside. It is very difficult for anyone to get an infection.


However, this is not to say that seasonal dust is completely safe. Numerous studies have linked the annual trend to a range of respiratory problems, as it contains a large amount of PM2.5 particles. Every year, dust emerges from the deserts of China and Kazakhstan before sweeping the Korean Peninsula and beyond. However, North Korea is not the only country that has suggested links between dust and Covid-19.


According to BBC News, Turkmenistan made similar claims in state media and ordered citizens to wear masks, sparking speculation that they were using the phenomenon to cover up the spread of the domestic coronavirus. have been. The country is one of the handfuls of people in the world who have not formally declared a case.


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