Is Michael Keaton returning as Batman in 'The Flash'?

When he played Batman for the last time nearly three decades later, Michael Keaton was reportedly looking forward to returning as Batman Crusader for the first time since his return.

According to The Wrap, Keaton talks about returning to the Cape, Kaul, and the Scalloped Ab Choli, though nothing has been confirmed yet and it will fly into Gotham at night.

Keaton will be teaming up with Ezra Miller in The Flash, which will begin the film next year, and there are no details on how prominent Keaton will be. Since Miller's Flash has appeared alongside Ben Affleck's Batman in the Justice League, it also raises the question of how Batman's currents are going to work. Smart betting on some DC-flavored version of the multiverse theory.

Keaton first moved away from Batman after playing Tim Burton's 1989 Batman, Jack Nicholson as the Joker and Burton's 1992 follow-up. The Oscar-winning Birdman relied on Keaton to play the actor who struggled to move on from the superhero role he would oversee for the rest of his career. Perhaps all of this helps to eliminate dull eyes.

So, right now you have to give a full audit of Batman and not Batman yet: As a recent Batman, the role of Affleck is technically, even though he's been pressed so far because there's huge pressure on creating Justice League. Him. The Lego Batman film is technically recent, but Affleck's preference is because Will Arnett can only appear in animated form.

Robert Pattinson's Detective Noir Batman is still working on Matt Reeves' The Batman, so he's Batman and not Batman. Christian Bale, Val Kilmer, and George Clooney are definitely not Batman, and as far as we know, no one tried to hit him for the Multi-Batman Team-Up.

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