Samsung posts the highest quarterly earnings

Samsung Electronics posted its third-quarter revenue of $59bn (£45.4bn)


Samsung posts the highest quarterly earnings

A 50% increase in smartphone sales led to strong revenue growth, while profits from microchips increased by 82%.


The Korean tech company also reported a quarterly net profit of 8.3bn, an increase of 49% over the same period last year.


Samsung's mobile and chip business was boosted by US sanctions against its Chinese rival Huawei.


The prospect of an increase in sales reflects Samsung's decline in Huawei's market share as US sanctions hit the Chinese telecom giant.


Huawei is stockpiling chips ahead of US sanctions.


In August, the US Department of Commerce said it would impose sanctions on any foreign company that sells chips to Huawei without first obtaining a license.


The Trump administration has targeted a number of Chinese technology companies over national security concerns.


Samsung also saw strong growth in sales of premium TVs and devices during July-September.


Hard times

However, the electronics giant is forecasting a tougher time with declining profit in the fourth quarter.


It expects weak chip demand from server users and more competition in mobile phones and consumer electronics.


The third-quarter figures came a day after the funeral of Chairman Lee Kun Yew, who helped turn Samsung into a global powerhouse.


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