Shakespeare sells first folio records at $10m

A copy of William Shakespeare's first folio sold for a record $9.98 million ($ 7.6 million) at auction in New York.


Shakespeare sells first folio records at $10m

The 1623 book, published seven years after Bard's death, was the first collected edition of his plays.


There are approximately 23,235 copies of this book, but only a handful of full versions are in private hands.


The edition sold on Wednesday was the first complete copy to go under the hammer since 2001 when one received it.$ 6.1 million (£ 4.9 million) - the previous record.


Shakespeare sells first folio records at $10m

It was sold’ by Mills College, Oakland, California - a private college that has owned it since the 1960s. The identity of the buyer was not immediately’ known’.


Christie's auction house in the traditional style priced at 4 m-. Estimated between 6m.


The first folio collected 36 plays, of which 18 were recorded’. Without its publication, there would be no copy of dramas such as Macbeth, Twelfth Night, Julius Caesar, and The Tempest.


There are 235 copies, most of which are known to be incomplete. One, owned by Oxford University, sold for $3.5 million in 2003. Five or six full versions are thought’ to be in private hands.


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