Study - China's experimental COVID-19 vaccine looks safe

The researchers said the Chinese experimental coronavirus vaccine, developed by the Institute of Medical Biology under the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, proved safe in early clinical trials.


Study - China's experimental COVID-19 vaccine looks safe

At the Phase 1 trial of 191 healthy participants between the ages of 181 and 59, the group's experimental shot showed no severe adverse reactions to the vaccine, its researchers said in an article on Tuesday: /2020.09. 27.20189548v1 Posted on Med Archive Pre-Print Server before peer review.


The most common adverse reactions reported by trial participants were mild pain, mild fatigue and redness, itching and swelling at the injection site.


The candidate also expressed resistance.


"All the data obtained in this case support the safety and immunity of this inactive vaccine and encourage further studies on its efficacy in the future," the article said.


China has vaccinated hundreds of thousands of essential workers and other groups that are considered’ high-risk, along with other vaccines, even before clinical trials are completed, raising safety concerns among experts.


China has at least four experimental vaccines in the final stages of clinical trials.


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