The company claims that China launched the largest DDoS attack against Google in history

The company has revealed that a government-sponsored hacking group launched the largest distributed denial-of-service (DDOS) attack against Google in 2017.


The company claims that China launched the largest DDoS attack against Google in history

The attack lasted for more than six months and reached the level of T... TBPS in traffic.


A report by Google's threatening analytics group said the attack came from China, as it originated with four Chinese Internet Service Providers (ISPs).


Google's Shane Huntley wrote in a blog post, "Although government-sponsored threat groups have been less likely to see phishing attacks or hacking campaigns by threat groups, we've seen big players on a larger scale. “They increase their ability to launch attacks."


The company says the attack targeted thousands of Google IPs but had no effect.


Google will not disclose which properties were targeted by hackers.


"The attacker used 167 MPPs (millions of packets per second) to forge 180,000 exposed CLDAP, DNS, and SMTP servers across multiple networks, which we’ll have a great response later, "wrote Damien Menscher, a trusted security engineer at Google.


Earlier, the biggest attack was launched’ against Amazon, which peaked at 2.3 Tbps in mid-February this year.


Despite the origin of the largest attack, China is responsible for only 12% of state-sponsored attacks.


Microsoft says Russian activity accounts for 52% of all attacks between July 2019 and June 2020.


It is followed’ by Iran, which monitors attacks by 25 percent.


Unlike attacks on Google, these attacks are aimed’ at influencing government policy through subtle means rather than directly targeting infrastructure.


This includes spare phishing through Microsoft Word documents, and unique credentials have been used’ to copy e-mails from the American fast-food chain about the Coronavirus.


Google had earlier found evidence of a state-sponsored campaign targeting US government officials offering fast food.


It was one of 18 million attempted scandal messages a day about Covid 19, as the Coronavirus has been used’ as a cover for scam efforts.


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