US judge points to Ronaldo's rape trial in Las Vegas

Cristiano Ronaldo's legal battle with a woman who has accused the international football star of abusing her in her suite at a Las Vegas resort for more than 10 years, a federal judge in Nevada has ruled. Is going to trial.


US judge points to Ronaldo's rape trial in Las Vegas

No immediate date was set, but the U.S. District Judge Jennifer Dorsey said she would listen to the arguments and decide for herself whether to mentally enter into the 2010 Hushpace Agreement with Catherine Mayorga Ronaldo’s representatives. Fit who paid 5,375,000 to Mayorga.


Ronaldo's lawyer, Peter Christian, declined to comment on Tuesday.


Mayorga lawyers, led by Leslie Mark Stovall, did not immediately respond to emails and telephone messages about the judge's September 30 ruling.


Dorsey wrote that the court should decide whether Mayorga lacks the "mental capacity" to sign confidentiality arrangements with Ronaldo's representatives and "even if an agreement has ever been reached between the parties ...”


It was not immediately clear whether Ronaldo or Mayorga would have to appear in court in person at the time of the trial.


The Associated Press does not usually name people who say they have been sexually’ abused. But after filing his lawsuit against Ronaldo in October 2018, Mayorga agreed to identify him through his lawyers.


Dorsey gave the two sides a chance to agree on a plan for a bench trial by the end of November.


Christian can appeal to Dorsey's ruling in the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals. He declined to say whether he would do so.


The decision comes as a shock to Ronaldo's legal representatives, who have so far sealed the details of 2010 settlement. This has led to a backlash from public court questions that the US Magistrate Judge Daniel Albright said in February were behind closed doors.


U.S. District Judges may dismiss magistrates who handle court cases and preliminary arguments.


Ronaldo, 35, lives in Portugal and is one of the richest players in the world. He plays for the Juventus football club based in Turin, Italy and is the captain of his home country's national team.


Mayorga, 37, is a former teacher and model who lives in the Las Vegas area. She claims that Ronaldo or his associates violated the privacy agreement in 2017 by allowing reports about her to appear in European publications. She is trying to raise at least $200,000 more than Ronaldo.


Ronaldo's lawyers say media reports were based’ on electronic data hacked, stolen and sold illegally by cybercriminals. He says he believes the documents have been tampered with’ and complains that Mayorga’s case has damaged Ronaldo's reputation.


Mayorga says she met Ronaldo at a nightclub in 2009 and went to her hotel suite with herself and others, where her lawsuit alleges she attacked him in the bedroom. She was 25 at the time. He was 24 years old.


Ronaldo, through his lawyers, talks about maintaining sex by consensus.


Stovall says Mayorga suffered from a learning disability as a child, was pressured’ by Ronaldo's representatives and lacked the legal capacity to sign an undisclosed contract.


The judge, at least for now, refused to name Mayorga’s brother as his guardian in the case. Dorsey also said that some disputes can be resolved out of court.


"The court will have to decide whether Mayorga lacks the mental capacity to agree to a settlement," Dorsey wrote.


If Mayorga was able to enter into the agreement, the judge said, it was linked’ to his confidentiality and a closed-door arbitration decision that the agreement was legal and legitimate.



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