Biden came close to winning the White House race

Democrats who were close to the 270 Electoral College votes needed to take Biden to the White House won victories on the battlefields of Wisconsin and Michigan's "blue wall" and narrowed President Donald Trump's path.


Biden came close to winning the White House race

To capture just a handful of states, Trump tried to suppress his case in court in some key swing states. It was not clear whether any of his campaigners managed to turn the race in his favor by taking legal action against ballot voting.


Two days after Election Day, no candidate collected the votes needed to win the White House. But Biden's victories in the Greater Lakes left him at 264, meaning he was a state on the battlefield - anyone elected president would do anything.


With 214 electoral votes, Trump faced a significant hurdle. To reach 270, it needed to claim the other four plains: Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Georgia and Nevada.


With millions of votes still to be cast’ Biden has already received more than 71 million votes, the most in history. In a news conference on Wednesday afternoon, the former vice president said he expected to win the presidency but was unable to announce victory.


"I will rule as president of the United States," Biden said. "When we win, there will be no red states and no blue states." Only the United States. "


This was in stark contrast to Trump, who claimed early Wednesday morning that he had won the election.


Trump's campaign to improve Republican presidential prospects and cast doubt on the election results is rife with legal activity, calling for a recount in Wisconsin and filing lawsuits in Pennsylvania, Michigan and Georgia. Of State, recounts in Wisconsin have historically changed the number of votes from just a few hundred. Biden led more than 20,000 ballots out of an estimated 3.3 million counts.


For four years, Democrats in the Great Wall of the United States - Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania - have lost the blue wall that their candidates can count every four years. But Trump's public appeal resonated with white working-class voters, capturing all three in 2016 with a total of just 77,000 votes.


Candidates fought hard for states this year, with Biden's every politician echoing in blue-collar cities, while his campaign also called for increased turnout among black voters in cities such as Detroit and Milwaukee.


It was not clear when the national winner would be determined after a long, bitter campaign based on the corona virus and its impact on Americans and the national economy. But even as Biden's prospects improved, the US president set another record for the number of confirmed corona viruses on a daily basis on Wednesday, with several states posting highs all the time. The epidemic has killed more than 233,000 people in the United States.


Trump spent most of Wednesday at the White House, mingling with advisers and making a splash on media coverage, showing that his Democratic rival has built the battlefield. Trump used his Twitter feed to claim victory in several key states with false claims and to reinforce unshakable conspiracy theories about democratic benefits because absentee and early votes were tablets.


Democratic presidential candidate former Vice President Joe Biden arrives to speak Wednesday, Nov. 4, 2020, in Wilmington, Del., with his running mate Sen. Kamala Harris,

Trump campaign manager Bill Stephen said the president would formally request a recount of Wisconsin, citing "irregularities" in several countries. And the campaign said it was suing to stop the ballot count in Michigan and Pennsylvania because it had not been given’ adequate access to observers. Despite this, further legal action was initiated’ in Georgia.


At the same time, hundreds of thousands of votes remained to be counted’ in Pennsylvania, and Trump's campaign said it was moving to intervene in the Supreme Court's current litigation over the counting of ballots. The campaign also argued that the remaining votes could still overturn the results in Arizona, which went to Biden, who has long contradicted his arguments in the race.


In other close-up races, Trump picked up Florida, the largest of the swing states, and held Texas and Ohio, while Biden held New Hampshire and Minnesota.


Departing from the presidency, Democrats had hoped the election would allow the party to regain power in the Senate and gain a majority in the House. But when the vote recaptured the House and Senate seats, it eventually started the Congress as if it were deeply’ divided.


Candidates spent month’s dramatically suppressing different views for the future of the nation, including racial justice, and voters responded in large numbers, with more than 100 million people casting their ballots before Election Day.


Trump issued claims before his victory in an unusual move by the White House that he would take the election to the Supreme Court to stop the count.


Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell dismissed the president's claim of immediate victory, saying states would take some time to count their votes. "Claiming to win the election is different from ending the count," the Kentucky Republican said.


The voting schedule continues as usual on Election Day, and states have set large-scale rules to end the count. In presidential elections, an important point is the date of December when the presidential election meeting takes place. Federal law regulates it.


"Stop counting!" Dozens of Trump supporters chanted anti-Trump slogans as they took to the streets in Detroit, as thousands of anti-Trump protesters took to the streets in cities across the United States to demand a full vote count.


Demonstrations took place on Wednesday in at least a dozen cities, including Los Angeles, Seattle, Houston, Pittsburgh, Minneapolis and San Diego - sometimes about elections, sometimes about racial inequality.


Several states have allowed post-election votes to be accepted’ by them until Tuesday after Election Day. That includes Pennsylvania, where postmarked ballots arrive three days later by November 3 if accepted.


Trump had said that these votes should not be counted’ and he would fight in the High Court for this result. But legal experts were skeptical of Trump's announcement. Trump has appointed three of the nine High Court judges, most recently Amy Connie Barrett.


The Trump campaign on Wednesday forced Republican donors to dig deeper into their pockets to finance legal challenges. Republican National Committee chairwoman Rona McDaniel, during a donor call, said bluntly: "The fighting is not over We are in it.


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