Obama personally criticized Trump

Barack Obama is killing President Donald Trump where he thinks he will suffer the most: his ego.


Obama personally criticized Trump

Campaigning for Biden on Saturday, the former president described Trump as insecure and self-absorbed, describing him as a failed president who cares more about himself than the country.


"Trump wants to feed his ego. That cares about keeping you and your family safe, "Obama said on a flight to Michigan.


The president ridiculed Trump for everything he did to criticize the media coverage of the coronavirus epidemic, and criticized him - saying he was "envious of COVID's media coverage" - of his "crowd." Size obsession ".


"He's still worried about his opening party being smaller than me. That's really his voice. He's still talking about it. Doesn't he have something better to worry about? Obama "Didn't anyone come to his birthday party as a child?" Did it hurt? "


After a brief indictment of Trump's presidency at the Democratic National Convention and warnings that American democracy is in danger for this election, Obama returned to Biden's campaign trail earlier this month. The latter adopts a lighter style. Personal attacks on Trump have been at the center of Obama's campaign, and he looks set to enjoy the opportunity to inject his successor. On Saturday, Obama sometimes smiled and said he shook the president and often found the state of his administration unbelievable.


"The president wants to build the credibility of the inherited economy and zero blame for the epidemic that he ignored," Obama said.


Obama also stung Trump for his masculinity. Without directly mentioning the president, Obama said "kindness, humility, responsibility, helping someone else" was a "definition of masculinity."


"It's important not to show off and act like bullies," Obama said. "It was a man to take care of other people. Don't be arrogant.


This is a key theme Biden echoed in his speech, referring to the moment when Trump is "strong, not weak," when US envoys laugh at the president.


Obama himself has been pushing for personal attacks on Trump all week. In Florida earlier this week, he joked that "a Florida man wouldn't do that." Trump has done some work, hinting at a funny meme that highlights weird news coverage and often does. The reckless behavior that seems to come from most Florida residents. Earlier this month in Philadelphia, Obama jokingly asked Trump for his Chinese bank account, jokingly saying that he would do the same if he ran for re-election. "They have called me Beijing Berry," he joked. "


Trump, meanwhile, took his word for it, announcing at a rally in North Carolina earlier this month that Obama was campaigning before Hillary Clinton's defeat in 2016 and suggested that Obama Not enthusiastic about Biden's candidacy.


The president added: "I think only Barack Hussein Obama was more unhappy than the crooked Hillary was that night."


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