The countdown to the presidency continues with Biden

Democrat Joe Biden stood for re-election on Friday night, three days after election day, until, after a lengthy vote count, President Donald Trump's leadership in the battlefield states expanded. Done.


Democratic and Republican canvas observers inspect Leah County's temporary ballot as the general election counts.

High turnout, massive mail-in between the two candidates, and slim margins contributed to the delay in naming the winner. But Biden took the lead in Pennsylvania, Nevada, and Georgia putting him in a strong position to win the 270 electoral college votes needed to win the White House.


giant anthropomorphic unicorn creature is paraded among demonstrators gathered outside the Philadelphia Convention Center three days after the presidential election polls closed as they await tabulation results, Friday, Nov. 6, 2020, in Philadelphia.

Pennsylvania was the focus of attention at the time, with Biden leading Trump by more than 16,000 votes, and Nevada, where Democrats led about 22,000. The long wait has added to the nation's anxiety over its historic challenges, including growing epidemics and deep political polarization.


Biden was at his home in Wilmington, Delaware, after Wooden's count, and aides said he would address the nation late in the evening. Trump remained in the White House and out of sight, as more results led to Biden's lead in Pennsylvania. During the day in the West Wing, television continued to grace the news amidst the usual waves, with reporters adorning the news as coronavirus tests and outside staff worked on the North Lawn on a day of minor turmoil and dirt.


Democratic presidential candidate former Vice President Joe Biden removes his face mask to speak at The Queen theater,

Trump's campaign was largely quite - a dramatic difference from the day before, when officials called for a morning offering of confidence and then a flurry of press conferences announcing litigation in key states.


Several states were playing Friday evening - too soon to meet Georgia, North Carolina, Pennsylvania and Nevada. Margins between Trump and Biden were narrow in all four states, and the number of ballots to be declared’ the winner for the AP was too large.


President Donald Trump speaks at the White House,

In Pennsylvania, officials were not allowed’ to proceed with the ballot under state law until election day. In Nevada, there were several temporary ballots registered by voters on election day, and officials had to verify their eligibility. And recounts could begin in both Pennsylvania and Georgia.


His path to the election looks narrow, with Trump examining the extent to which he can use the traps of presidential power to undermine voter confidence.



On Thursday, he erroneously argued that unsubstantiated allegations of voter fraud were that his rival was trying to seize power. It was an extraordinary attempt to raise suspicions about the democratic process of an American president.


A supporter of Democrat Joe Biden waves a flag near supporters of President Trump in front of the Clark County Election Department,

"It's a case when they're trying to steal the election, they're trying to rig the election," Trump told the podium in the White House briefing room.


He took to Twitter late Friday to promise more legal action, tweeting that "Joe Biden should not mistakenly claim the presidency. I can make that claim. Legal action is just beginning." Is! "


Trump supporter Jake Contos chants during a protest against the election results outside the central counting board at the tcf Center in Detroit,

Trump claimed that he won the election late at night. He also tweeted that he had "gained so much lead in all these states by election night, only that as the days went by, his lead miraculously ended," although it is well known that Tuesday Votes cast before are still being counted legally.


Biden spent Thursday trying to defuse tensions and paint a traditional picture of the presidential leadership. After attending a Coronavirus briefing, he announced that "every ballot must be counted."


"I urge everyone to remain calm. Basin said. "It's up to the voters. No one, no one else to elect the President of the United States. "


A vendor sells t-shirts supporting Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden, Thursday, Nov. 5, 2020, in Washington

Republicans now have to contend with Trump's erroneous claims about the integrity of the election, with the choice of whether to secede from such a president or whether his grip on his office has tightened. Order Sky High Approval Rating by Officials. This was especially true for those who are scoring presidential runs on their own in 2024.


Maryland GOP Gov. Larry Hogan, a presidential candidate who has often criticized Trump, said bluntly: Counting the votes, and we should respect the results as we had before.


But others who are rumored’ to be considering running the White House on their own in four years have allied themselves with the current president, including St. Josh Holly, R.M., who tweeted in support of Trump's claims. "If anything is made clear in 24 hours, now we need new electoral integrity laws," he wrote.


Trump's campaign is revolving around legal activity, saying it will seek a recount in Wisconsin and has filed lawsuits in Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Georgia.


But judges in all three states soon stayed the proceedings. A federal judge who was told’ that instead of halting the vote count in Philadelphia, both parties were forced’ to reach an agreement without an observer's permission order.


"Really, can't we be responsible adults here and reach an agreement?" A disappointing U.S. District Judge, Paul S. Diamond, said during an emergency hearing Thursday evening. "Everything (skin) can be faster."


Trump's campaign said he was confident the president would eventually win in Arizona, where votes are still being counted’ including in Maricopa County, the state's most populous area. The AP declared Biden the winner in Arizona on Thursday and said it was monitoring the vote count as it moved forward.


"The Associated Press keeps an eye on the results of the Arizona vote count," said Sally Buzbee, AP's executive editor. "We will follow the facts in all cases."


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