Russian President Putin received a second COVID-19 vaccine shot

Russian President Putin received a second COVID-19 vaccine shot

MOSCOW (AP) - Russian President Vladimir Putin said Wednesday he received his second COVID-19 vaccine three weeks after receiving his first dose.

The Russian leader announced his intention to attend a session of the Russian Geographical Society, which was kept out of public view, in which he participated via video link.

"Right now, before I enter this hall, I've got another job. I hope everything goes well. "I don't have as much hope as I do," Putin said.

Putin received his first coronavirus shot on March 23, which was also out of camera view, and the Kremlin did not say which of the three vaccines currently approved by the president for use in Russia.

The Russian leader's vaccination comes months after widespread vaccinations against COVID-19 in Russia - a delay that has taken many by surprise, with some critics saying it is already a sign of the vaccine. Contributing to the current public reluctance.

Russian authorities have formally approved three locally-made shots - Sputnik  EpiVacCorona and CoviVac. All three have been allowed to complete advanced tests before experts say they must comply with scientific protocols to ensure their safety and effectiveness.

However, a study published in the British medical journal Lancet in February found that Sputnik V91 was 91% effective and seemed to prevent people from becoming seriously ill with COVID-19, although it is not yet clear Whether or not this vaccine can stop the spread. Disease. No data have been released on the efficacy of the other two vaccines.

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