'Birther': Donald Trump says he has heard rumors of Kamala Harris not meeting

Donald Trump has been accused’ of racist conspiracies, that Kamala Harris may not be qualified to run for the White House.

'Birther': Donald Trump says he has heard rumors of Kamala Harris not meeting

The U.S. president told reporters Thursday that he "heard rumors" that Ms Harris had not met the "requirements" she needed to serve in the White House.

Ms Harris became the first woman to serve as a running mate on a major party presidential ticket, with Joe Biden naming her number two.

The California Senator was born in 1964 in Auckland, California to Jamaican father and Indian mother.

Who is Kamala Harris?
However, online misinformation campaigns are so-called "bartending" lies - he cannot be a "natural born citizen" under the US Constitution.

Discussing rumors about his eligibility for one of the highest-ranking jobs in the country, Trump said, "I do not know if that's right. I think Democrats will check before the vice president is elected."

But, he said the rumors were taken’ very seriously.

Earlier on Thursday, Trump campaign adviser Jenna Ellis re-posted a tweet from the head of the Conservative Group Judicial Watch.

In a tweet posted by Tom Fitton, Ms Harris questioned whether she was "ineligible to become vice president under the 'Citizenship Clause' of the US Constitution."

Mr Fitton also shared an opinion piece published by a law professor at Chapman University in California.

In the article, Professor John Eastman quotes Article II of the Constitution: "No one but a naturally born citizen ... is eligible for the presidency".

Pro Eastman argues that if Ms.'s parents were on a student visa in California at the time of their daughter's birth, Ms. Harris would not be subject to U.S. jurisdiction.

Another constitutional lawyer told CBS News that Pro Eastman's reference was "really crazy".

Dean of the Berkeley Law School, Irwin Chemerinsky, wrote in an email “Under Section 1 of the 14th Amendment, anyone born in the United States is a United States citizen.

"The Supreme Court has ruled this since the 1890s. Kamala Harris was born in the United States."

Meanwhile, Professor Jessica Levinson at Loyola Law School in LA said Ms Harris was not born in the reference country - "a complete break, a story end, a period, an exclamation point."

“Be honest about it,” he said.

"When we were candidates of color, their parents were not citizens; it was just a racist trope."

A superpower behind what Mr. Trump calls the "Border Movement" - a lie that questions whether the country's first black president deserves the service of President Barack Obama.

Mr. Trump dismissed the allegations after increasing pressure on his 2016 campaign.


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