Kamala Harris says in a fundraising email that Trump is the serial predator

Senator Kamala Harris, the running mate of the new Biden, will not waste time against President Trump as the presidential candidate for vice president.

Kamala Harris says in a fundraising email that Trump is the serial predator In a fundraising email distributed to Biden supporters, Harris said, "I know winning this race will be the toughest challenge of my life, but I will not make a mistake: I am not afraid of Donald Trump." "I like Trump and the people throughout his career. He never scared me.

"He's a serial hunter. I spent my career watching him," she said.

Harris' comments appeared to point to a number of allegations of sexual misconduct against President Trump over the years, which the president has repeatedly denied.

The allegations began after the release of the "Access Hollywood" video, in which the president talked about touching infamous women: "I'm not even waiting. And when you're a star, let them do it. Do whatever you can."

Harris used the term "hunter" before stepping down as president during a campaign event in Iowa in July 2019.

"I worked successfully and I prosecuted the big banks when they hunted down homeowners," Harris told a group of supporters, citing his record as California's attorney general. "I have prosecuted pharmaceutical companies for harassing their superiors. I have prosecuted international criminal organizations for harassing women and children.

"I know hunters and we live in the White House."

The Trump campaign released a statement of aggression just minutes after Biden announced Tuesday the vice-presidential election.

The video ends with candidates using the Trump campaign trail, nicknamed "Slow Joe and Phony Kamala. Perfect Together. Wrong for America."

Trump did not waste time rhetoric against Harris, calling him "bad", a term used to describe Hillary Clinton in the 2016 presidential race.

"I've been watching him for a long time. I'm a little shocked," Trump said Tuesday at a White House press conference. "He's exceptionally bad at Judge Kavanaugh.

"She's so bad on a scale, it's so horrible, the way she's dealing with Justice Kavanagh now, I'm not forgetting that soon," Trump said.

Trump Sen. Elizabeth Warren, referring to de-Moss, said, "He's horrible, he's also an atheist for Joe Joden from Pocahontas."

But Trump's extraordinary campaign statements in 2016 surprised politicians and voters alike, while supporters and critics of the Biden-Harris ticket are uncertain whether they will make the same impact this time around.

BIDEN has since announced that it will take part in millions of antics

"I don't think you've going to be a tough opponent," Rev. said on MSNBC. Al Sharpton said Tuesday. "I know Trump people are ready to throw him, but you may not be a good guy to throw it at - he's bouncing around like it's not meaningful because he's already tough." Is in conflict. "

Biden-Harris had the day to lay their most successful foundation on tickets, which Biden campaign still saw, raising more than $ 10.8 million in just four hours on Tuesday.

The Biden campaign did not disclose to Fox News on Tuesday how much they would raise.

The amount raised in the four hours since Biden's announcement has been compared’ to the largest Biden fundraising campaign he has undertaken - while on a ticket with former President Barack Obama - which has raised 11 million.

The Republican National Committee (RNC) reported that the Trump campaign collected 5 165 million donations in August. RNC said it had $ 300 million in cash raised through fundraising in late July.

By the end of July, the Biden campaign had reported 4,294 million boxes - indicating that Trump once said no more large-scale cash fundraises.


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