Peru's Julian Perico on first U.S. Am: No overcompensation, I'm genuinely respected

Julian Perico, an Arkansas junior and Peru local, will contend in his first U.S. Novice this week at Bandon Dunes. Here's his first-individual record of being in the field.

Peru's Julian Perico on first U.S. Am: No overcompensation, I'm genuinely respected

The U.S. Novice has consistently been the competition I most turn upward to in golf – besides the four expert majors, obviously – since I can recollect.

I truly can't communicate appropriately in the wake of accepting the exclusion from the USGA to play in the current year's title at Bandon Dunes. I have been joyous beyond words since getting the news in June, and I can't trust I will be a piece of such an esteemed field contending at a spot like Bandon. This is an open door that nobody in this world should’ underestimate – particularly when you originate from where I originated from Lima, Peru, a city with only three fairways.

A few people may believe that I could be blowing up; however, truly, the chances of a Peruvian playing in a competition of such bore are truly little. The main individual that rings a bell is probably the closest companion, Luis Fernando Barco, who presently plays on PGA Tour Latinoamerica and played’ in two U.S. Novices. He asserts that it is by a wide margin the most heavenly occasion that he has ever been a piece.

Two men out of an entire nation, what are the chances of that?

I am fed’ to have the option to speak to my nation, the University of Arkansas and myself. Congrats to the entirety of the folks who made it, and for the benefit of the considerable number of players, we can hardly wait!


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