Iran has executed a man whose case has attracted international attention

Iran's state TV is reporting that the country's authorities have hanged a wrestler for allegedly killing a man after he was asked’ to save the life of a man who condemned President Donald Trump's 27-year-old death. Has given

Iran has executed a man whose case has attracted international attention

State TV quoted Chief Justice of Fars Province Kazem Mousavi as saying on Saturday: "Revenge against Naveed Afkari, the killer of Hassan Turkmen, was carried out this morning in Adelabad prison in Shiraz."

The African affair drew the attention of a social media campaign in which he and his brothers were photographed’ taking part in protests against Iran's Shiite insurgency in 2018. .

Iran broadcast the wrestler's confession on television last week. This group bears a resemblance to hundreds of other suspected coerced confessions in the Islamic Republic over the past decade.

The case revived a domestic demand for Iran to suspend executions. Even Iranian human rights lawyer Nasrin Sotoudeh, herself went on a hunger strike in Tehran's Evin prison for nearly a month on conditions amid the coronavirus epidemic, a word she admitted to supporting the idea. Is.

Earlier, US President Donald Trump took to twitter to express his concern over the issue.

Trump wrote last week, "For Iran's leaders, I applaud you if you save this young man's life and don't hang him." "Thanks!"

Iran responded to Tim's tweet with an 11-minute state-run TV package. It included the weeping parents of slain water company employee Hassan Turkaman. The package also included footage of Afkari’s on the back of a motorcycle, which allegedly stabbed Turkaman in the back, without explaining why he carried out the attack.

The state-run television showed vague police documents and called the killing a "personal dispute" without elaborating. He said Afkari’s cell phone was in the area and showed him surveillance footage while walking down a street talking on his phone.

In addition, Iran's semi-official Tasnim news agency rejected Trump's tweet in a feature story, saying that US sanctions have hurt Iranian hospitals amid epidemics.

"Trump is worried about the life of a murderer while he has endangered the lives of many Iranian patients by imposing strict sanctions," the agency said.


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