Jameela Jamil: 'Meghan, Sussex friendship rumors are Dutch lies'

Jameela Jamil has been criticized’ by the media for publishing a lie about her absence with the Duchess of Sussex, Michigan.

Jameela Jamil: 'Meghan, Sussex friendship rumors are Dutch lies'

The Good Place actress on Thursday refuted rumors on social media that she and royal, who is married to Prince Harry, are parting ways with the Coronavirus epidemic.

Jamil shared a photo of the Daily Express tabloid headline on his Instagram, which read: "Meghan Markle's new best friend? Levi Jameela Jamil 'Quarantine' with Harry and Meghan.

He captioned the photo: "I've met this woman once ... (and we) are best friends together now during the lockdown?"

Jamil insisted the article was the latest slap in the face of a long-running feud with the British media that began after Meghan attacked racist editors over her racist treatment.

"I was harassed by the press, my family started harassing me and within a week of my first tweet in her defense, she offered me money for shit," the actress shouted. Made a fuss.

He added: "Since then there have been a lot of lies and rumors about me, which has created me to defame as an individual and to convince people that I can change my mind about any person. Be 'crazy' to understand the front.

Denying that she was spending the lockdown with the Duchess, Jamil announced that she was enjoying time alone with her boyfriend of five years, singer James Blake.

She tweeted, "Went to a hotel in SB (Santa Barbara) for a romantic getaway with my boyfriend ... and they've seen 8-day articles with increasingly funny stories, including none of that is permanent, none of which makes sense.”

He then insisted: "These articles are now a strategy to blame her (Meghan, Duchess of Sussex) for everything I say and do, and to feed Britain's already strong xenophobia. Annoying her for clicks.


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