North Korea warns of naval tension during search for slain South Korean: KCNA

North Korea has said it is searching for the body of a South Korean soldier killed by its own troops, but has warned that South Korean naval operations in the region could escalate tensions. It was reported by state media on Sunday.

North Korea warns of naval tension during search for slain South Korean: KCNA


North Korean leader Kim Jong-UN on Friday issued a rare apology for the deadly shooting of a South Korean fisherman in North Korean waters.


The South Korean military has accused North Korean soldiers of killing the man, burying his body in fuel and setting it on fire near the sea border.


The state-run KCNA news agency said Sunday that North Korean authorities were considering ways to extradite his body to the South if found.


The report called it a "terrible event that shouldn't have happened." But he warned that a South Korean naval operation near the scene had entered North Korean waters.


"We call for an immediate end to the intrusion of the military demarcation line into the western sea from the south, which could increase tensions," the report said.


A spokesman for South Korea's defense ministry said it had no immediate comment on the North's allegations.


The KCNA said North Korea was launching a search operation to recover the body.


The report added: "We have taken further necessary security measures to ensure that any further incident of deteriorating trust and respect between the North and the South is not in line with the intentions of our Supreme Leadership." It will not happen under any circumstances. " Without explanation


South Korea on Saturday called for a further investigation into the deadly shooting of North Korea and suggested it could be a joint investigation by both sides. [nL3N2GN00Z]


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