Barack Obama's response to Trump's coronavirus epidemic: he can't even protect himself

Barack Obama launched a scathing attack on Donald Trump's epidemic as he campaigned less than two weeks before the US election.


Barack Obama's response to Trump's coronavirus epidemic: he can't even protect himself

At a rally for Democratic nominee Joe Biden, the former president said Mr. Trump was "not going to protect us all suddenly."


"He can't even take the basic steps to protect himself," he told those attending the event in Philadelphia on Wednesday.


Mr. Obama has ruled on two terms and is a popular figure in the Democratic Party.


Mr. Biden, who has been at his home in Delaware since Monday for meetings and preparations ahead of Thursday's debate with Mr. Trump, has left a gaping hole in his appearance.


Earlier, Obama spoke with leaders of the black community in Philadelphia.


Mr. Obama said: "The epidemic would be severe for any president.


But he told the group: "Consider the degree of incompetence and misinformation, the number of people who probably wouldn't die if we did the basics right now."



Mr. Obama said: "I've never had hope in the last four years; I'm crazy. I'm disappointed, but I haven't given up hope, and the reason is that I never expected to go straight in the right direction. "


While Mr. Obama was delivering his speech, President Trump left for North Carolina for a rally in Gastonia on Wednesday evening.


Mr. Biden's running mate, Kamala Harris, was also in North Carolina to mobilize voters in Asheville and Charlotte.


Ahead of the Nov. 3 election, Americans are casting 42 ballots by mail and in person, with Americans voting at a record pace this year.


Preliminary records represent about 30 percent of the total ballots cast in 2016, according to the University of Florida's U.S. election plan.


A US watchdog of 'violating the law of critical ethics' has accused Ivanka Trump eight times in two days.

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