Demi Lovato doesn't care if the anti-Trump track ruined her career

Demi Lovato stands by her controversial new single, which attacks US leader Donald Trump, and insists she values ​​"integrity" in record sales.


Demi Lovato doesn't care if the anti-Trump track ruined her career

The singer co-recorded "Commander-in-Chief" with Billy Ellis' producer brother Phineas, whom he released without a hitch on Tuesday evening and performed at the Billboard Music Awards on Wednesday.


The track's first film drew strong reactions on Instagram, with some fans mocking the star and suggesting that her political stance could "ruin" her career.


One devotee even wrote: "I am personally ashamed to be Lovatic right now, but no matter how hard it is, I will not allow this song to change my feelings about you, especially After all that you have helped me with, I hope it doesn't. Demetrius will not ruin your career.


Speaking on social media on Wednesday to respond to his critics, Legato wrote: "I literally don't care if it hurts my career. It's not about it. My career is about it. Not about


"I created a piece of art that I believe in. And I'm also putting fans at risk of losing it. I'll take integrity in my work more than selling any day."


The lyrics include these lines: "We were taught when we were young / If we fight for the truth there will be no justice for some people / We will not give up, fight us / We will be on the streets while You have bowed down loudly / loudly and proudly, believe me, / we will still kneel down, while you will be the Commander-in-Chief.”


Along with the release of the song, Lovato is also providing fans with information about the voting process and how to act through their social media channels. US elections are taking place on November 3.


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