Erdogan urges Turkey to boycott French goods, intensify tensions

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan urged the Turks to boycott French goods, which he called hostile to Muslims by the country's leaders, threatening to deepen the conflict between the two NATO members.


Erdogan urges Turkey to boycott French goods, intensify tensions

The comments add to criticism of President Emmanuel Macron, whom Turkey has accused of being intolerant of Islam. Over the weekend, France declared Erdogan's personal attacks on Macron unacceptable and withdrew its ambassador to Turkey.


Erdogan said in a televised comment from Ankara that "they are being provoked by the French leader to do the mental tests that are needed," adding that the country of 83 million people Stop buying goods from French companies


Extending the government's attack, the Turkish leader's communications director said Muslims were not welcome in Europe because of widespread hatred against their followers.


Investors criticized Turkey's European nations as a sign of growing tensions, and a shift in sentiment stuck to Turkey's assets. The lira hit a new target and after Erdogan’s comments, the benchmark Bursa came to the level of the Istanbul 100 Index session.


Tensions between Turkey and the European Union have escalated from the Libyan civil war in the Eastern Mediterranean to Turkey's energy exploration, with France's Macron criticizing Erdogan's claim to regional power.


The latest strain in the relationship began with the murder of 47-year-old Samuel Petty, who was beheaded’ near a Paris school, where he addressed students in a free speech. Worked after showing cartoon images.


The killing took the nation by surprise and prompted thousands to take to the streets in protest. The government was forced’ to violate statements made by Muslim extremists, detaining more than a dozen people, closing a mosque, and targeting some Islamist support groups.


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