Obama: Trump lacks "patience" and "focus" on foreign policy

Former President Obama knocked out President Trump on Wednesday, saying his successor did not need "patience" and "attention" to make significant changes in US foreign policy.

Obama: Trump lacks "patience" and "focus" on foreign policy


Discussing the 45-minute episode of "Pod Saving America," with his "former colleagues, John Fourier and Tommy Vietor," Obama released some of his most notable comments on Trump.


Obama added on the podcast, "It's not like Trump has been active internationally. I mean, the fact is that he doesn't have the patience and the attention that really matters to US foreign policy." I will change. ““We have tried to systematically dismantle our foreign policy infrastructure."


Obama argued that Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden, his former vice president, "respects those who know history and are skilled."


The former president pointed to Trump's reports from 2018, referring to Haiti and African countries as "shale countries."


In the hypothetical crisis, Obama argued that Biden would "pay attention" to experts who know about Africa, "but unlike a group of him - I would not say that."


"He has respect and an understanding of what American leadership can do," Obama said of his former colleague.


Obama also noted that Biden's stance on foreign policy has grown over the decades in his public service. He said the then-Delaware senator had voted to authorize military power in Iraq in 2002, but said Biden had "learned from it."


"During my presidency, among my senior advisers, he consistently believed that we should exercise restraint and humility and think about the use of military force and the use of diplomacy as a strategy. But there was a lot of trust and confidence, you know, American leadership, "Obama said. “And this instinct, I think, is going to get complicated. One of the reasons is that it has to restructure the State Department, where some of the best people have been systematically removed because they are not ready to look at Trump's ideological agenda." Were. "


Obama said he believed that if Biden was elected to the White House in November, he would "surround himself with people who are intelligent and believe in science and expertise."


"His North Star will be good," Obama said. "But at the same time, there will be a lot of people around him who are capable of turning their good habits into real policy that works."


Trump has repeatedly accused his predecessor of insulting him during his tenure and last week called on Obama and Biden to accuse him of "spying" on his campaign.


However, Federal Prosecutor Attorney General Bill Barr tapped into the investigation into whether Obama administration officials requested anonymity during the 2016 election, which he allegedly used in his investigation. The week ended without finding any mistakes.


Obama said in a podcast that Trump's allegations were "so ridiculous" that Republican committees have rejected them.


The former president said Trump's provocations have caused major problems that have not received much attention due to the corona virus epidemic and the resulting economic crisis.


"But one of the cornerstones of democracy is the idea that you did not allow the criminal system, the intelligence system, the politics of the army. Okay? That's something you stay away from politics because it's very dangerous. "


"You can't have a democracy in which political opponents are subjected to such provocative language," Obama added, referring to Trump's repeated attacks on his "presidential rival, Hillary Clinton." "Mentioned to do.


Obama said he was disappointed that Republicans "who know better" had allowed Trump to continue his rhetoric.


"I think a very important question after the election, even if that's going well with Biden, is to ask the Republican Party to restore some sense of 'there are rules here that we can't break.' We'll start watching because he's violated them all, and Obama says he told him no, that's a long way off.


He added that misinformation on social media and "conservative media infrastructure" is an issue that "is about to overthrow Trump," arguing that "Kevin on Conspiracy Theory" is "mainstream in the Republican Party."


"Trump is the symbol and the accelerator," Obama said. "But he didn't create it."


Obama is likely to continue his attacks on Trump in the final two weeks of the presidential race as he is expected’ to visit key battlefield states for Biden's stumps.


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