Russia approves second Covid-19 vaccine ahead of Phase 3 trials

Russian health officials have approved the Covid 19 vaccine, developed for public use by a former biological weapons research laboratory, for the second time as the Kremlin seeks to boost its defense against the epidemic. While ignoring the accepted scientific protocol.


Russia approves second Covid-19 vaccine ahead of Phase 3 trials

President Vladimir Putin said in a televised comment on Wednesday that a vaccine developed by the Vector State Virology and Biotechnology Center had been registered in Siberia.


"We need to increase production of our first and now our second vaccine, first of all, we must supply the domestic market," Putin said, adding that Russia would also work with foreign partners to vaccinate. We Will work to install.


Putin prescribed vector medicine before completing Phase 3 trials, two months after announcing the approval of Sputnik V as the world's first coronavirus vaccine. Nevertheless, Deputy Prime Minister Tatiana Golikova said it was safe and that 60,000 doses would be prepared soon. She told Putin that she had already tried the vaccine and that there were no side effects.


The development comes as Putin seeks to play a key role in tackling the global epidemic, which has hit Russia hard. The developer of Sputnik V says more than 50 countries have expressed interest in the vaccine, which was ordered by Russian regulators in August and ordered 1.2 billion doses.


Record infection


The second wave of coronavirus cases is spreading in Russia and with the threat of overwhelming hospitals; the Kremlin also needs the vaccine locally as it fights daily infection rates while in the spring across the country. Efforts are being made’ to prevent a recurrence of the key lockdown, which has hurt the country's economy. Russia has more than 1.3 million infections, ranking fourth globally after the United States, India and Brazil, adding a record 14,231 new cases yesterday.


Like Sputnik V, only a limited number of Vector's Epic Vaccine Corona vaccines were tested’ before receiving temporary registration. There were 100 volunteers in Factor 1 and 2 trials and everyone feels fine. The general director of Vector, Rinat Maksyutov, stated this last week.


To date, no statistics have been published’ on these trials in a peer-reviewed journal. Russian officials say "conditional" registration is similar to high-speed programs in the West and China and will allow them to increase production while continuing testing.


However, scientists and pharmaceutical companies say further testing is needed’ to prove safety and effectiveness before such vaccines can be certified for use.


After President Donald Trump authorized federal funding companies for Operation Warp Speed ​​in April, the United States is also working to accelerate vaccine development.


Smallpox lab

Vector, a lab on the outskirts of Novosibirsk that dismantled smallpox in the Soviet era, developed its own vaccine using peptide antigens or synthetic fragments of the virus to develop an immune response to Covid-19.


Its candidate is involved in a handful of vaccines that are in Phase 3 trials, led by Moderna Inc., working with Oxford University of Astrophysical PLC, and in partnership with Pfizer Inc. and Biotech SE.


Some potential vaccines have been blocked’ during Phase 3. Johnson and Johnson had ordered a temporary halt to the trial this weekend after a patient became ill, while AstraZeneca had stopped testing in the United States since early September when a patient came down with unknown. Nervous symptoms


Vector plans to conduct Phase 3 trials on 30,000 people starting in November or December, the state-run Toss News Service reported on October 6, quoting Rospotrebnadzor. Anna Popova, head of Rospotrebnadzor, said she had already received the vaccine and no side effects had been’ reported.


Sputnik V is currently conducting Phase 3 trials on 40,000 people and may announce preliminary results next month, with full figures available in 2021.


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