Russia is ready to freeze the nuclear deal with the United States for a year

Russia said on Tuesday it was ready to freeze the total number of nuclear warheads if the United States extended its final arms control treaty by a year.


Russia is ready to freeze the nuclear deal with the United States for a year

The offer, two weeks before the US presidential election, appears to have narrowed the gap between the two sides over the fate of the new START agreement, which expires in February.


The United States last week rejected Russia's offer to extend the deal unconditionally for a year, saying any proposal that did not consider freezing all nuclear heads was a "non-starter." ۔


The Russian Foreign Ministry said that if Washington did not make any additional demands, the warhead would be frozen’ and a one-year extension would be possible. It said the expansion would give the two sides time to discuss in more depth the control of nuclear weapons.


Despite months of talks in Moscow and Washington, there have been differences over the deal. The United States has called on China to join a comprehensive agreement that would replace the new START. China has rejected the proposal.


Last year, the United States banned nuclear and conventional ballistic and cruise missiles launched on land with a range of 310 to 3,400 miles (500-5,500 kilometers), denying Russian violations by Moscow. The perpetrators withdrew from the Cold War-era arms control treaty.


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