The former king of Belgium met his foreign daughter for the first time

Albert, the former king of Belgium, met his daughter Delphine for the first time when she was recognized’ like a princess after winning a seven-year legal battle to prove she was his father.


The former king of Belgium met his foreign daughter for the first time

The royal family said Tuesday that the two met last Sunday with Albert's wife, Queen Paula, at his royal residence, Belvedere Castle, on the outskirts of Laeken.


The King, Queen and Delphine said in a statement, "A new chapter has opened today, Sunday, October 25, with calm, understanding and hope."


"We met at Belvedere Castle, a meeting during which each of us, calmly and sympathetically, was able to express our feelings and our experiences."


"After the chaos, it's time for forgiveness, healing and reconciliation of wounds and worries. That's the path, the patient and sometimes the difficult, that we've decided to put together as a whole."


Dolphin Boyle, a 52-year-old Belgian artist, fought a seven-year legal battle to prove that the former king was his father. Following the confirmation of the DNA test, a court earlier this month named her Princess. Albert, 86, who resigned six years ago in favor of his son Philip has long opposed Boyle's claim.


He has since changed his nickname from Boyle to Saks Cobourg, his father's family.


Earlier, Delphine met Philip for the first time on October 15.


Until then, she said, her father and siblings, including Philip, had refused to talk to her and she was not expecting anything in return.


The statement said, "This first step paves the way for us to move forward peacefully."


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