Trump told a Pennsylvania rally that 'no one wants me' before the program is shortened and the stage is set to dance at the YMCA.

In his most bizarre performance today, President Donald Trump told a rally in Pennsylvania on Tuesday night that "no one wants me" before shortening the program and leaving the stage on the YMCA. Dance outside

Trump told a Pennsylvania rally that 'no one wants me' before the program is shortened and the stage is set to dance at the YMCA.


Financially behind in most national and battlefield elections, which left Biden behind, Mr. Trump, did not appear to be moving as usual, as he sent thousands of supporters of the Great Pepper to the United States. Troubled and dark Erie stood at the international airport.


Two weeks before election day, the president, 74, complained about the temperature, hovering around 10C (50F) and telling the crowd that he was just there a very unusual move. Was - even Trump as an unexpected president as Mr.


On one occasion, the Commander-in-Chief, trying to express his regret to the crowd, said, "No one wants me." Just last week, she appealed to suburban women to "like me" as they sought restoration among the female electorate, which Mr. Biden, 77, overwhelmingly supports.


"Really, I can't believe it. You better give me credit for it, I'll tell you. All I've done - drug companies, they're spending a fortune on fake ads," Mr. Trump said. Told fans.


"They don't want me, China doesn't want me, Iran doesn't want me .... Nobody wants me!" As soon as the crowd shouted, he added: "We want you!"


As is often the case with the President's sincere speeches, it was not clear what he was referring to when he said that no one wanted him, even though he noted the deteriorating US relations with both countries. Has been pointing to


The Trump administration abandoned the Iran nuclear deal in 2018 and has repeatedly clashed with China over national security issues.


Immediately tell Pennsylvania. Shortly afterward, he reluctantly announced that he was shortening the meeting because of the cold.


"And finally, we'll cut it a little bit, you know it's about 40 degrees, I don't want to lose anyone," he said before concluding pre-normal operations in the state. The president has to win to stay in the White House.


As has been the case with recent meetings, the president then danced on the YMCA stage, which was crowded with villagers in the 1970s. Rally footage shows the president keeping his feet firmly on the ground while alternating knees bending and punching in the air.


Her press secretary, Kelly McKenzie, can be seen’ following the letter's famous dance, as she used the words 'YMCA' with her arms.


On Wednesday night, Mr. Trump will head to another key battlefield state, North Carolina, where the race is between the two candidates.


Mr. Biden, meanwhile, has kept a low profile in recent days and is believed’ to be preparing for the third and final presidential debate on Thursday.


Former President Barack Obama will campaign on Wednesday in support of his Democratic ally.


Mr. Obama, who served eight years in the Oval Office with Mr. Biden as his vice president, has called on supporters to support Mr. Biden and other Democratic candidates in the general election in Philadelphia, Palestine's largest city. I will insist on voting. The former president's aide said.


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