For the first time, Taylor Swift gave American politicians access to her songs

Taylor Swift has allowed US politician Eric Sewell to use his music in a new ad aimed at increasing the number of voters ahead of the next US presidential election.


For the first time, Taylor Swift gave American politicians access to her songs

The Democrat's Remedy PAC organization's latest ad features the pop star's track-only The Young, which also includes a reference to Vice Presidential candidate Kamala Harris's voter suppression.


The video covers the powerful social and the political scene of the last four years of the current President Donald Trump's first term in office.


Taylor has not yet commented on giving Swalwell access to his song, but took to Twitter to thank him.


"The finish line is here. Our future is worth our fight. # Taylorswift13, # Thank you for raising your voice about what they can do. The correspondent wrote on Friday.


Harris was also impressed, adding: "Thank you Taylor Swift 13 and my friend @EricSwalwell for telling young people what is involved in this election."


Taylor also covered Tom Petty's American girl in a video package for the Democratic National Convention, but only Young pointed out for the first time that he had adopted his original music for political use.


The singer became openly political in 2018 and recently supported Biden and Kamala in the US presidential race, making it clear that she is a staunch opponent of Trump.


"I will proudly vote for Joe Biden and Camilla Harris in this year's presidential election, under their leadership. There is an urgent need to begin the treatment process. "



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