Google and Twitter to prevent misinformation

Google and Twitter have said they are claiming more grip on online misinformation ahead of the US election.

Google and Twitter to prevent misinformation

Messaging platforms expect a flood of false claims and misleading letters ahead of the November vote.

Twitter said it intends to more aggressively label and delete election-related tweets that are incorrect.

The search engine Google has said it will more automatically screen results to avoid misleading voters, especially about reports claiming early victory.

One of the concerns is that the widespread use of ballots in US elections due to coronavirus epidemics could lead to significant delays in drawing conclusions. Experts fear that this could lead to misinformation.

On Thursday, Google said that incorrect information about the election results would not appear in searches.

In addition to misleading posts about ballot tampering, Twitter's changes could also affect the tweets claiming victory before the election results are, confirmed.

Social media firms have come under pressure from US intelligence agencies to curb misinformation after US intelligence agencies used their platform to interfere in Russia's 2016 presidential election.

Twitter wrote in its blog, "We will not allow abuse of our services in the run-up to the most important civil service election." Will be imported, which applies equally and fairly to everyone. "

On Friday, Microsoft warned that hackers with ties to Russia, China and Iran were trying to interfere with individuals and groups involved in the 2020 US presidential election.

The US tech firm says Russian hackers who violated the 2016 Democratic campaign have rejoined.

Russian network

Last week, Facebook said it had dismantled a small network of accounts and pages that were part of a Russian-influenced operation.

The company said the campaign was linked’ to Russia's Internet Research Agency (IRA), an organization close to the Russian government and accused of interfering in the 2016 US election.

Twitter also suspended five accounts from the same network. The operation revolves around Pace Data, which claims to be a non-profit news website in English and Arabic.

The messaging platform has clashed with President Donald Trump in recent months, who often post about possible fraud in the upcoming election and criticize Twitter for flagging its messages.

Search results

Changes to Google's autocomplete results, which predict what users are looking for, will remove predictions that may or may not contradict the claims of a candidate or political party.

When these people see the state of voting locations, voting requirements or methods, they will also eliminate the act of trying to predict and complete search terms. However, users will still be able to find this information.

Last week, Facebook said it was developing a label for candidates or campaign posts that made premature claims of victory. It also said it would stop accepting new political advertisements in the week before Election Day.


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