Pediatricians say about 800K children have the coronavirus

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) said Monday that about 800,000 children in the United States have been infected’ with Covid 19 this year. "Current cases among children are on the rise," he added.


Pediatricians say about 800K children have the coronavirus

In its latest state-level data report, the AAP shared statistics showing an increasing prevalence of coronavirus in young people.


There are currently about 8.4 million cases of coronavirus in the United States and children now make up 11% of that number - about 1, 1,053 cases per 100,000 children.


During the period from October 8 to October 22, 5555, new incidents were reported’ among the youth, an increase of 14%.


So far, deaths and hospitalizations in children diagnosed with coronavirus have been rare. Of the total hospital admissions, only 1% to 3.6% were infants, and 0% to 0.23% of infant deaths were due to COVID-19 deaths. Sixteen states said no children died as a result’ of the virus.


The AAP based its findings on data from 49 states, New York City, Washington, DC, Puerto Rico, and Guam.


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