PTA urges Twitter to block handles targeting Pakistan, its cities, and institutions

The Pakistan Telecommunications Authority (PTA) has asked the Twitter administration to stop all handles running smear campaigns against Pakistan and its entities.


PTA urges Twitter to block handles targeting Pakistan, its cities, and institutions

A statement from the authority read on Thursday, "The Pakistan Telecommunications Authority (PTA) has directed its moderate teams to immediately sensitize and ensure that the platform does not use any propaganda to spread fake information. Not to be used’ as a tool, Twitter has approached the administration. "


The authority has asked the micro-blogging site to take "immediate action against accounts that spread false information against Pakistan".



The PTA said it had asked the Twitter administration to block accounts involved in the smear campaign against Pakistan, its cities, and institutions.


The regulator noted that many accounts involved in spreading lies and misinformation about Pakistan have been’ verified.


"To the regulator's frustration, the number of accounts involved in spreading false stories have been confirmed by Twitter. However, they are still working with exceptions. The PTA has asked the platform to follow its guidelines." And take immediate action against such accounts in accordance with the policies, "read the PTA statement.


Indian media widely ridiculed foreign stories about the 'civil war' in Karachi

The PTA's statement came just days after several established Indian media outlets received fake news about the imaginary civil war in Karachi.


Gulshan-e - After a possible hiatus in Pakistan's largest port city, Indian media prepared for a full-blown civil war with rival forces, bombings, and gun battles between an imaginary area in Karachi. Which is called’ Gulshan-e. Bagh '(both words mean the same thing in Urdu, like' Nan Roti 'and' Chai tea').


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