Six Ways to Promote Your Home Wi-Fi Connection

 This year has shown us how important a reliable and fast internet connection is for our daily lives, whether for work or leisure. Here are some basic tips to help you get the most out of your internet connection during these unusual times.


Six Ways to Promote Your Home Wi-Fi Connection

Choose the best location for your Internet router


To get the best out of your Wi-Fi connection, you need to make sure that your routers occupy a central location in your home, in a clear space (not in a closet) and away from other wireless devices.


Add one or more routers


To enhance your Wi-Fi connection, you can always add another router to your setup, which will improve the range and quality of the Wi-Fi signal. This solution is ideal for large homes, or for homes with thick walls or barriers to wireless networks.


Change the frequency


As a general rule, most operators offer different frequencies. Try changing the channel to select 5GHz instead of the 2.4GHz frequency configuration - it is less used and thus more’ overloaded.


Secure your Wi-Fi network


Overloading your Wi-Fi network prevents you from doing better. Avoid sharing your password with neighbors or others, and protect your network from hackers. Ideally, it's best to encrypt your connection with secure Wi-Fi access. Make sure you choose the WPA2 protocol (or WPA3 for the latest models). And choose a complex password. Which you should change every three months.


Restrict contacts at the same time


The more devices connected to your Wi-Fi, the more your network will be’ saturated. Try to assign users to the different frequencies offered by your internet provider, or prioritize daytime work needs on streaming TV, for example.


Switch to 4G


If your home connection is very slow, you can use a 4G smartphone as a Wi-Fi router. Connect your smartphone to your computer and select "Hotspot" in the phone settings. However, be sure to consider allowing Internet access through your mobile phone package so as not to exceed your permissible limits.


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