Obama says Biden decided "anyone" to elect Kamal Harris as VP

When former President Barack Obama announced that California Senator Kamala Harris would be his ally, Biden wrote that he had "withdrawn this decision".

Obama says Biden decided "anyone" to elect Kamal Harris as VP

"The choice of vice president is the first important decision the president makes. When you are in the Oval Office, there are very difficult issues and the choice you make affects the life and livelihood of the whole country - to the person you are supposed to be with, Obama said in a statement," the judgment and role came to make the right decision. "

Obama, who has worked with Biden on two occasions in the White House emphasized that Biden's choice of Hadden was "his own judgment and role" - the president's "job requirements" characteristics.

Obama said "I have known Senator Harris for a long time; he's ready for the job."

Harris was the first black woman and the first South Asian woman to be elected’ Vice Presidential candidate for a major party in America. Prior to becoming a senator, he served as California Attorney General and District Attorney in San Francisco.

While in the Senate, Harris served on the Judiciary and Intelligence Committees. This year, they brought people forward to provide emergency assistance under the law, COVID-19, to combat maternal mortality and morbidity, protect people from being evacuated during an outbreak, and provide better access to food through the SNAP program.

"Harris is defending our constitution and fighting for those who need a fair shake," Obama said.

He praised Harris' life story as "me and a lot of people were able to see for themselves."

Harris, 55, is the daughter of an immigrant. Her mother, a Tamil breast, cancer scientist’ left the US for India in 1960 to study at the University of California, Berkeley. Her father from Jamaica traveled to the US the following year to attend Berkeley and later became a professor at Stanford University.

"[It] is a story that tells you where you came from, how you look, how you adore, or who you love, that you have a place here," Obama said. "This is a radically American perspective that has taken us through the most difficult times before. And it is a perspective that we can now regain."

"This is a good day for our country," Obama said. "Now let's win this thing."


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